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SalesSHIFT Sales Training | WebinarsAll of our webinars combine practical skills with the tools you need to immediately apply these new skills in your day-to-day sales activities. Webinars may be customized specifically for your corporate sales team. For full details on customization, please contact us.

SalesSHIFT sales webinars and webinar series are an effective training alternative if:

  • You have a few sales reps that would benefit from sales training.
  • You are an individual sales pro looking for sales development not offered in your company.
  • You have a geographically diverse sales force and you are looking to minimize travel costs and time out of the field.

SalesSHIFT webinars are delivered as 90-minute sessions, or as a series of four weekly sessions with between-session assignments and access to sales experts.

Your registration includes:

  • Pragmatic and thought provoking content relevant to your world
  • Live Q and A at the end of each session
  • Downloadable worksheets, sales tools and success records
  • Field assignments and expert support to encourage application and assure ROI
  • Connection to like-minded sales pros
  • Access to webinar recordings if you can’t make the date or need a refresher

We also offer public webinars periodically throughout the year.


SalesSHIFT | Sales Training - WebinarsGet Noticed, Gain Access!
Smart strategies for accessing hard-to-reach customers.

If you are frustrated with how few prospects respond to your messages or are wondering how to get the attention of new buyers, Jill will introduce you to a smarter approach. Learn how to create messages that appeal to different buyers. Understand how you can turn an immediate “no” into business intelligence that moves the sales process forward. Recognize how leveraging people, technology and other resources will generate leads and desirable business faster.

SalesSHIFT | Sales Training - WebinarsCuriosity – The Source Of Your Differentiation

The world and your customer’s world continuously evolves – and the strength of your future lies in the power of your discovery skills. Learn why your ability to differentiate your services and win profitable business is directly related to the quality of information you gather. Avoid the commoditization trap that makes you look no different to your competition Use the Four Quadrants of discovery to predict your probability of closing the deal, build customer intelligence that will enable you to outsell your competition.

SalesSHIFT | Sales Training - WebinarsGet Relevant! Position Yourself To Win.

The best solution doesn’t assure the win. The most creative proposal won’t guarantee the sale. If the messages you deliver, the proposals you present, and the services you offer are no longer relevant … guess what? Neither are you. Learn how to make it easier for your clients to choose you through “ruthless relevance.” We’ll also get you thinking differently about the price issue and why it’s “irrelevant” at this stage of the sales process.

SalesSHIFT | Sales Training - WebinarsGet Noticed, Gain Access, Grow Sales.
The SalesSHIFT ‘Power Series’ – four webinars in one.

Session 1: Focus your way to faster results. This session moves you away from the mind-numbing numbers game to a smarter and more comfortable approach to prospecting that delivers faster and bigger results. You’ll also learn the secret to creating messages that will differentiate you and grab the attention of your most desirable prospects.

Session 2: The cold call is dead – leverage is king. Almost everyone hates to cold call so we’ve got good news for you. We’ll show you how to leverage people, resources and new technologies to warm up your calls and create a business development strategy to attract desirable prospects to you.

Session 3: Taming the technology tiger. Feeling overwhelmed by all the web tools available to sales pros today? Not sure which are beneficial and which simply suck up your time and money? Our B2B web sales guru cuts through the clutter and shows you how to use the web to create powerful messages and have qualified leads delivered to your mail box daily.

Session 4: Consistency – the foundation to your prospecting success. The world’s most successful sales people are ruthlessly disciplined when it comes to their prospecting activity, and they have developed a mindset that enables them to move the sale forward when others give up. We’ll share their secrets in this closing session.

Jill Harrington | SalesSHIFT
Want more information about how our custom training programs and sales effectiveness services will impact your business results? Or looking for insights on your own sales challenges? Contact SalesSHIFT today.