Sales Managers

Optimize your sales team’s performance.

You’re a sales manager. Two things we know are true for you today:

  1. Your success depends on your team’s ability and willingness to deliver strong results.
  2. You are time starved, and under immense pressure from your executive team.

And while most of you intellectually understand #1, our experience indicates that #2 gets in the way of you developing the skills, and focusing energy on the “people” aspect of your role.

Our singular focus in working with sales leaders is to provide you the skills, the motivation and the time to fully develop and leverage your people. We aim to shift the way you think about this aspect of your role and enable you to drive measurably higher performance through each individual within your team. The result – greater predictability of sales results, higher revenues, and more time available to you.

We offer flexible modular training, or a coaching process, that is tailored to your time and learning priorities, and that incorporates four core elements:

1. Lead through example

  • Are you clear on your leadership priorities, your strengths, and blind spots?
  • Do you have “conscious competence” so that you are able to effectively model efficient business growth behaviours?

2. Optimize your team’s effectiveness & support their growth

  • Have you integrated a powerful coaching process into your daily routine to effectively use your time and drive results?
  • Have you provided the critical tools, and eliminated the common barriers, to assure your team’s success?

3. Develop accountability, commitment and motivation

  • Are you struggling to create individual and team commitment to, and accountability for, results?
  • Are your sales meetings inspiring strategic business collaborations or mind-numbing reviews of pipeline activity?

4. Leverage your way to faster results and more available time

  • Do you know how to hire the right talent i.e. the people with the potential to deliver now and into the future?
  • Are you leveraging the successes and best practices of your team to see continuous improvement through peer support?
  • Do you have an organization wide-sales culture that continuously drives qualified sales opportunity to your team?


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