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For your next sales conference…

Are you tired of hiring motivational speakers that deliver short term results? Sick of the same old messages that fail to connect with, or inspire, your team?

If you’re looking for a session that is…

  • pragmatic, practical and deals with your sales issues
  • big on content and fresh thinking
  • thought provoking, interactive and entertaining
  • closes with a powerful commitment, so you see results

…then hire Jill for your next sales conference or association meeting.

Every keynote, plenary and breakout delivered by Jill is custom-designed to meet the unique interests and priorities of the specific audience. The following are examples of her speaking content. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesPosition You To Win!

Fact: Sales success has little to do with how great your products or services are and everything to do with how you “position” your greatness in context of what your buyers care about most today.

And as professional sellers you have multiple opportunities to position you to win… through your sales messages, presentations, proposals, trade shows, networking and more. According to the buying community here’s the bad news: An awful lot of suppliers do a stinking job of differentiating themselves from their competitors in all of these. Which means you’re blowing opportunities to move valuable relationships forward and to win good business at great prices.

Be the one that stands out and gets noticed! Jill Harrington will show you how to position you to win… every time.

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesShift!
Create powerful differentiation in highly competitive markets.

The market has changed. Unfortunately many sellers haven’t.

And, if the messages you deliver, the questions you ask, the proposals you present, the processes you use, and the services you offer are no longer relevant… guess what? Neither are you. Every seller is seeking ways to differentiate him or her in an ocean of sameness. Trouble is, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesI hate cold calling. And I don’t want to do it anymore!
Want faster access to profitable new clients? Forget everything you’ve learned about prospecting.

Struggling to get the attention of new buyers? Important customers won’t give you the time you need? You’re not alone.

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesAre Your Presentations Stuck in a Rut?
Be forewarned… this session may be hazardous to your ego.

I’ve sat through hundreds of presentations in my 30 years in business. To this day I remember only two. And in my research with buyers the statistic is equally shocking. How can this be? Because everyone presents the same way … and includes the same quality of information.

Time to rethink how you present your valuable services and products. Because the best service or product doesn’t win. The “best positioned” does.

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesMake It Happen!
How to get important things done in a busy world.

It’s a fact of life in today’s frenetic world – the expectations of our customers, our bosses and our families require us to do more, and do it faster. Juggling existing customers and incoming leads, negotiating with price conscious buyers, squeezing strategy and marketing activity between meetings, focusing on the day to day minutiae – all while leaving some “awake time” for family. The consistent question I hear from busy sales professionals is, “How do I manage my time so that I get the important stuff done and keep everyone happy?”

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesLeading A Peak Performing Sales Team
Want BIGGER results from your team? Time to shift your priorities, re-focus, and re-tool your leadership skills.

There is increased pressure on sales managers to focus on driving, analyzing and reporting the numbers. What’s wrong with this? It’s back to front. Focus on the success of the people who ultimately drive the results (the individual members of your sales team) and you’ll have numbers worth reporting.

As a sales leader, your challenge starts with “how do I hire the right talent?” And it continues as you are required to drive superior performance and results through others. Many skilled sales people are fast-tracked to sales leadership not understanding that sales performance management requires you to consider the human factor and to execute strategies that are often counter-intuitive.

SalesSHIFT | Sales Keynotes Yes… you sell to human beings.
Selling would be uncomplicated if it didn’t involve human beings.

Despite rampant advances in technology the human factor is not going to go away. Buying decisions are made by human beings and human beings are individual, imperfect and unpredictable. You may develop the best sales strategy in the world, but if you fail to prepare yourself to address the human factor that strategy may be doomed.

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesWho’s afraid of the big bad wolf
Struggling to build relationships with purchasing specialists? Discover the secret few sellers know.

If you’re like most sales pros that are required to work with purchasing specialists within your customers’ organizations, you probably feel like Little Red Riding Hood going up against the Big Bad Wolf. You’ve learned to sell by building relationships with the people who understand, and value, your services. And all of a sudden those relationships don’t seem to count.

SalesSHIFT | Sales KeynotesPump Up Your Woo Factor
Regardless of your role, the ability to influence others is the #1 business skill. A session for all sales and service professionals who interact with internal or external customers.

Finding it tough to get buy-in for your ideas? Feeling your role just doesn’t garner the respect it deserves? Struggling to get noticed in your career? Or simply want to have more influence and impact with your customers and within your company?

My Commitment To You

Jill Harrington Sales Trainging ConsultantMy content is not theory. I am with sales reps, or out selling, every day. So I bring real world examples (the good and the bad) to the stage.

I am obsessive about doing my homework to clearly understand your objectives and the real interests / needs of your audience.

I show up early to watch and integrate your earlier presentation messages into my session. And I stick around to answer immediate and important questions from your audience.

I’m passionate about what I do. And I’m fun! So your audience is engaged from the opening line to the final 30 seconds.

I’ll work with you on your pre and post meeting strategy to ensure you see the desired actions and measurable results. And I’ll take follow up calls and e-mails from your audience at no extra cost.

Most importantly, if I don’t think I’m the right fit for you, I’ll tell you up front. Because I never want to disappoint a customer.

Want more information about how our conference keynotes and custom presentations will impact your business results? Or looking for insights on your own sales challenges? Contact SalesSHIFT today.