About salesSHIFT

I opened the company in 2002, an idiotic time to do this. The dot-com bubble had burst and 9/11 had shaken the planet. The world was in turmoil. But I was on a mission. I had worked with, led, and mentored salespeople for over two decades. As an executive, I had spoken around the world on the subject of selling.  And I increasingly observed talented salespeople and business owners slam into a wall of frustration daily as the rapid advances of technology and evolving purchasing processes changed the way people communicate, do business, and buy.

The world of sales was changing, and sales people weren’t.

Three years later, we rebranded as salesSHIFT for one reason:  The consistent feedback from our conference audience members and training participants, “You have truly shifted my perception of selling.

The Missing Link to Bigger, Better, Faster Sales Results.

Companies invest heavily in the onboarding of new sales talent.  They provide the essential product knowledge (what you sell) and basic sales skills (how you sell) to assure the salesperson’s credibility, confidence and competence when interacting with prospects and clients. Then send these eager sellers out to deliver highly anticipated results through the application of this knowledge and skillset.

Yet statistics show that executives are often disappointed with the return on their investment and talented sales professionals are frustrated with the speed of their results.

The Missing Link? Sales People Need to Think. And Think Differently.

The traditional “seller mindset” is slowing down the sales cycle, prompting profit-sucking price negotiations and driving “lost deals” … ultimately robbing talented sales professionals and good companies of superior sales results.

salesSHIFT training systems, sales labs, conference presentations and coaching initiatives deliver this missing link.  Not only do we provide the relevant knowledge and skills required to outsell tough competitors, we also get your team thinking deeply and counterintuitively about what it takes in today’s business environment to efficiently move the sales and buying process forward to stronger results.

“I was less than enthusiastic to attend yet another “sales training”, as this was probably the 15th throughout my career.  Jill Harrington’s qualities as a business person, a communicator and seasoned sales leader quickly turned things around.  Without question, one of the best trainers I’ve ever met.” - Senior Account Manager, Softchoice

“Jill has trained three of my teams in the past five years for various companies and she consistently delivers valuable, relevant and useful sales techniques and ideas.   Within days of the training, I observed firsthand the shift in my sales team and the wins that we scored.  We are a team firing on all pistons!”  - Executive Director, Sales, Cineplex Entertainment.

“I can honestly say I learned more in 3 days than I had in 3 years of Business School! You put some confidence behind the potential and I can't thank you enough.” - Multimedia Advertising Consultant, The Telegram, NL.

"We originally engaged Jill and Lorella to deliver their four day sales methodology to our North America-wide field sales team.  Since that time we have expanded the reach of this program across most sales functions including our sales management team, our territory sales representatives, inside sales account managers and some technical experts. We have since added two additional sales development programs from their portfolio. Jill and Lorella have tailored a world class sales methodology to our business environment and have created an interactive facilitation format that is outstanding.  We are confident that it shows in the results in terms of seasoned sales reps uncovering new opportunities within days of training completion and reps of all experience levels closing bigger, more strategic deals.” - Senior Vice President of Sales, Softchoice

“Thank you so much for the fantastic training day last week! It was relevant, fun and most of all hugely educational to the team. Without exception, they have all commented that it was the most relevant and enjoyable training day they have experienced – thank you so much for pulling it together. You certainly walk the talk!”Director, Hilton Worldwide Field Sales.

“I have to tell you that you are brilliant at your profession. As an attorney, I have been subjected to countless hours of "training," and your course was the most beneficial and enjoyable that I have ever taken.  Your confidence and passion for sales is contagious and you completely exceeded all my expectations. … You have truly changed my perception of selling.”   - Account Executive, Softchoice.